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ADHD Coaching, Training and Support for all who live with and alongside ADD/ADHD


We provide ADHD Coaching for young adults, adults and couples via Skype or face-to-face if possible.

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ADHD Training, Talks and Workshops for Parents, Educators, Adults and Teens

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Special Offer: Only R485 for 12 months.

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Sound of an ADHD Brain

Sound of an ADHD Brain

How The ADHD Brain Works

How Does The ADHD Brain Works



Client Testimonials

2015-02-11, 09:10
You guys are amazing and I am so grateful for the work you have done in my life.
Jeanette Brink
2015-02-11, 09:17
I am retired from Livingstone primary, where I taught for25 years. Your talks and work shops were always most helpful, thank you. I do so enjoy your newsletter. God bless your work for these special p...
2015-02-11, 09:01
Hello Dave,
You have no idea how much I really really appreciate you... truly God has equipped you with the ability to explain so well and being ADD yourself and having overcome so many problems in ...
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