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Parent Training

Sound of an ADHD Brain

Sound of an ADHD Brain

Parents Latest

Parent Training Better Than ADHD Medication?

On April 01 2013, a study was published in Paediatrics journal - and it wasn't an April Fools joke. *

It said that parent training delivered better results than medication for pre-school children. This certainly got my juices flowing.

At Living ADDventure® we have had a slightly different slant on that ever since we started way back in 1999. We believe - and know - that both are equally important. That's why we developed our Living ADDventure® Treatment Wheel with it's 8 vital components.

I thought I would share with you what some of the parents and educators who have started our Living ADDventure® Online Parent Training course have been saying.

Part of each module is to write a short post, just a few paragraphs about a topic that is dealt with in the module. (Some people write essays, which is great.)

The purpose of these assignments is obviously to develop deeper understanding of the subject, but also to provide all the students with real-life experiences of others who live with or alongside ADHD.

Of course these posts invite comment from others as they so often have a different perspective on the same, or similar, subject.

This is a really important aspect of the parent training, the realisation that you have others who are in the same boat - a marvellous support.

Adults Latest

Amy Winehouse - Lonely Death of a Giant Talent

The saturation shock news coverage of the nearly 100 people killed in Norway by a lone gunman was interrupted to announce that a giant musical talent had died in Camden England. Amy Winehouse died without anyone watching over her.

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ADHD Treatment Wheel

ADHD Treatment Wheel

Blog Latest

My ADHD Coaching Journey: 8

Developing Core Principles

My End of Life Party

Who Do I Want To Be?

How do I want to be remembered when I die?

In order to answer these questions I needed to establish what my Core Principles are. They will guide me through the rest of my life. All future decisions about what I choose to do or say will be based on these Principles.

Yes, I had principles but the big problem was that they were not mine. They were instilled in me as a child and which I carried through into adulthood without questioning them. Some of them were good but as I hit my mid 40s and I started to question the way I was living my life I got increasingly uncomfortable.

In reality they were not truly principles but rather a set of rules that were imposed by my parents, older siblings, the church and school.

Having lived a life of fear of authority I tried to live a "good" life terrified of breaking these rules, avoiding conflict at all costs and judged others depending on how they fitted into my narrow minded lifestyle.

Teachers Latest

A Question for Teachers

Although I have written this by poking fun at myself, it is actually a serious question that I am asking.

I provide endless hours of amusement to Dave Pughe-Parry because when I am reading on my computer screen, or a book, my head bobs up and down, backwards and forwards and moves from side to side as I concentrate.

I also pull very funny faces - apparently. Fortunately he can't see what my feet are doing. They are wrapped around the legs of my chair clinging on for dear life as I focus. When I get up they are totally numb. My fingers are equally numb from being clenched when I am not typing.

Yet, when I watch Dave reading he sits dead still with a dead pan face.

Coaching Latest

Communication and ADHD

Speak up!  Be quiet!
Look at me when I speak to you!
That is not what I said!  Don't lie!

How many of the above are common in your ADHD family or classroom?

Relationship Latest

ADHD Marriage Partners

Question: My daughter is dating a young guy who I suspect is also ADHD... they are both weird!!!! You know what I mean.

Study Skills

Client Testimonials

2015-02-11, 09:09
As an educator I wish that the negative stigma attached to medication could be eliminated as so many parents are reluctant to go this route even as a ...

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