Principles of Living ADDventure® Coaching and Training

A Living ADDventure® coach shall be dedicated to providing competent ADHD coaching and training services, with compassion, care and respect for human dignity and rights.

A Living ADDventure® coach shall, while caring for a client, regard responsibility to the client as paramount.

A Living ADDventure® coach shall uphold the highest standards of professionalism, and be honest in all professional interactions.

A Living ADDventure® coach shall respect the law.

A Living ADDventure® coach shall respect the rights of clients, colleagues, and health professionals, and shall safeguard clients and their privacy within the constraints of the law.

A Living ADDventure® coach shall continue to study, apply and advance scientific knowledge, maintain a commitment to coaching education, make relevant and appropriate information available to clients, colleagues, and the public, obtain consultation, and use the talents and skills of various and appropriate health professionals as and when indicated.

A Living ADDventure® coach shall, in the provision of appropriate client care, except in emergencies, be free to choose who to serve, with whom to associate, and the environment in which to provide medical care.

A Living ADDventure® coach recognizes a responsibility to participate in activities contributing to the improvement of the ADHD community and the betterment of ADHD public health.

Living ADDventure® is neutral in working with the ADHD community. Our sole responsibility is to the well being our client at all times. To this end, A Living ADDventure® Coach shall not sell any product or service except those with a proven track record of benefit to the majority of the ADHD community.

We will publicise peer reviewed research only. Developing and emerging services and products will be reported on clearly stating their development status.