Written by Dave Pughe-Parry Dave Pughe-Parry
Last Updated: 17 February 2020 17 February 2020

Living ADDventure® (Living ADDventure®) is a South African based organisation, based in johannesburg, Gauteng and is dedicated to assisting people with ADD and ADHD to live healthy, confident and productive lives. We provide ADHD coaching and training worldwide via Skype and our online website Living ADDventure® Training

davepenFounded by Dave Pughe-Parry in 2000 after being diagnosed with ADHD in his mid forties, Dave has dedicated his life to helping others understand ADHD and the myriad of conditions that co-occur with it. 

Dave has been coaching since 2001. Starting during 2013, Dave has trained more than 6 000 teachers.

The coaching methodology Dave has developed embraces the whole family and teachers where appropriate. ADHD can't be managed in isolation.

In 2007 Head of Paediatrics at Free State University Prof Andre Venter recommended that Living ADDventure® be listed as a supplier of services to PANDA - the Paediatric and Neurological Developmental Association in South Africa. All leading medical professionals in the paediatric field are members of this body.

ADHD, being a complex condition is not "cured" nor even "managed" by a single treatment or methodology. Living ADDventure® therefore is firmly multi-disciplinary in its approach to helping those with the condition to live contented and productive lives. These include in order of importance:

Living ADDventure® provides individual and family ADHD Coaching via Skype or ZOOM, ADHD Impairments Assessments and talks, training and workshops for parents, adults, teens, educators and medical professionals interested in ADHD.