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When you don't have ADHD but your partner does

NonADHDI am the parent of an ADHD child, but I am also a non-ADHD spouse. Please can you help me with some tips to cope better as I am at the end of my tether?

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Guests are like fish ... they go off after 3 days

RedfishSomebody once said to me that house guests are like fish. They go off after 3 days.

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ADHD and Conflict

TearsA very dear friend who has ADHD burst into tears the other day while we were chatting. "Why do I fight with everybody?When I look back on my life, it has been filled with conflict", she wept.

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ADHD Marriage Partners

young coupleQuestion: My daughter is dating a young guy who I suspect is also ADHD... they are both weird!!!! You know what I mean.

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Things I Wish My Spouse Knew About ADHD

DistanceHere are a few common issues and potential challenges within marriages or other relationships that may happen with an ADHDer (someone who has ADHD) and a non-ADHDer.

The most important thing I think in a marriage or relationship where ADHD is involved is knowledge and understanding from both sides. Just as it's difficult for the non-ADHD spouse to understand and relate, it's equally difficult for the spouse with ADHD to do the same. This is because we all 'judge' each other's behaviour by our own experiences and perceptions, so 'misjudging' is inevitable.

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