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joana croft failureI was going to title this article ADHD and Money but then I realised that if you have ADHD you most likely will be too terrified to open it.

If you are married to or living with someone who has ADHD you are quite possibly so frustrated and angry that you might throw your computer out of the window hoping it will hit the ADDer on the head and knock some sense into him or her.

A few years ago Dave and I were privileged to attend a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) brainstorming workshop hosted by a very dynamic and caring businesswoman, Debbie. Debbie works closely with many NPOs as she runs a debit order collection service for people who donate to these very worthy causes.

The common theme for these NPOs is that raising funds is a continual challenge especially in tough economic times.

LadyPresentAlthough Living ADDventure®  is not an NPO we face many of the same challenges. ADHD is a dirty word, it is mired in controversy. Does it exist? To medicate or not to medicate? To remediate or not to remediate? These are common questions that detract from the real issue.

Everyone has an opinion whether they know what the term ADHD means or not. ADHD medication is expensive as are trips to doctors and other therapists.

At this workshop 8 small businesses were represented excluding Debbie's company. Surprise surprise almost without exception we all had some connection with ADHD. ADDers do not shy away from tough challenges though without a doubt we are also exceptionally good at creating these challenges.

Among the wealth of talents and skills of those present were:

  • A very talented musician
  • A superb artist
  • Interior and textile designers
  • Trainers
  • Public speakers and Support Group Leaders
  • Social Media and Technology experts
  • Fund-raising skills
  • Writers
  • A psychiatric nurse who has combined her animal rescue shelter to provide emotional support to broken humans.
  • An expert on, above, in, and under water he is achieving great success with street children among other projects.
  • Passion, drive, strong work ethic, and above average intelligence were abundantly present.