FriendsThings I wish my friends/work colleagues knew. (From a female perspective, sorry guys don't know if you feel the same. Let us know).

Again this is not applicable to all those who have ADHD (ADDers) and has come from my clients and as well as feelings I experience.

  • I sometimes blurt things out that are inappropriate or embarrassing and interrupt you, sorry I can't help impulsively saying things without thinking at times, or I interrupt you because if I don't say it straight away I know it might be gone in a minute and forgotten. 
  • I have bad short-term memory and sometimes forget really important things; it doesn't mean you arent important to me at all!
  • I can have dark-cloud moods for no reason and struggle to "cheer-up" even in your wonderful company, please don't take it personally.
  • I tend to get distracted very easily and may not hear every word you say, It's not because I'm disinterested in what you are saying
  • Time-management is a constant challenge, I apologise for not always being on time
  • Don't give me verbal instructions on how to find your house. I don't have the movie. I need a GPS.
  • I find decision-making very difficult as I struggle to focus on the "main thing" and go through lots of unnecessary criteria trying to make the"right decision"
  • I tend to be hypersensitive and take things personally which weren't intended to be, with open communication we can sort these misunderstandings out
  • Any time you want to sort my cupboards/kitchen/garage/bookshelves for me, go wild! The converse "I know my house is a tip but I'm happy with it" and please don't comment or offer to "fix-it" (you need to KNOW your friend!)
  • I struggle with everyday practical things that you take for granted, any offers of practical help appreciated. I will reciprocate with--- (one of my talents)
  • If things I do or say frustrate you, please address it with me, it's likely 'm completely unaware of it (this is between good friends who have each others trust)
  • If I take forever to answer a question, I'm going through a massive filing system of thoughts to get to the one I need, please be patient
  • Your unconditional support and acceptance mean the world to me
  • I know Im not always reliable, sorry "trying my best!"
  • Any time you want to do something fun, adventurous, out-of-the-ordinary, exciting I'm there with you!
  • I'm sorry if you find my food issues annoying, I am extremely sensitive to certain textures and smells and have to stick to what I know I can eat
  • I love big bear hugs/ I can't handle hugs and touch (depending on tactile system), no offense, nothing personal
  • If we go somewhere together and I suddenly feel overwhelmed and have to leave (sensory system overloaded by loud noise, too many people, too many strangers, strong aromas), I'm sorry to spoil your fun and wish I didnt have to (maybe we can take a breather and try going back later?)
  • If I commit to something and then pull out it's very frustrating for you I know, but there are reasons why, (could be any of these and more)-I impulsively agreed to it without thinking through what it entails or checking my diary, I said "yes" because I really struggle with saying "no" and upsetting you, I really was planning to go but my bad time-management has resulted in me running out of time, I double-booked and can't get out of the other engagement, I'm having a really"down" day for no apparent reason and cannot face seeing people today, I'm feeling incredibly anxious today for no apparent reason and can' leave the house, I messed up badly at work/home/school and cannot deal with my feelings of inadequacy and face people at the same time â€" I need some time alone
  • I battle making direct eye contact, I'm not being rude
  • If I don't comment on your new carpet I'm sorry, I often miss detail in my surroundings.

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