Things I wish my Parents knew about ADHD

Boy Question Parents this is an encouragement to understand your child and his / her ADHD better, which can help to strengthen this very special relationship in your life, it is NOT intended to make you feel guilty or condemned, we are all trying as parents to do our best and we will all make mistakes, remaining teachable is the key!

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Normal Is Not Normal

MotionSizedIs this picture normal?

Does normal really exist? When it comes to people, I don't think it does. Is there such a thing as a “normal person?”

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Is your teen ruling your home?

How do you cope with your teenager turning your home into a dump?

There is a fine line between invading your teens privacy and you having to live with most of the family crockery and cutlery, all food encrusted, in their bedrooms along with weeks of dirty laundry and other unmentionables.

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Educating Without Traditional Schooling



That one word can evoke the greatest range of emotions amongst everyone, young and old; a range which grows exponentially if you have a child that cannot be neatly pigeon-holed, whose strengths and/or weaknesses stick out of the proverbial box.

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Surviving Car Journeys

thumb car journeysThe car, caravan, boat, trailer are packed and hitched up. Lights, brakes and indicators are checked and everyone is strapped in ready to roll.

Are we there yet? How far do you get before this chorus starts?

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Families who play together stay together

thumb rhysfam1How have you survived the first couple of weeks of the school holidays? Only 1 week to go you keep thinking. "I can do this, I know I can ....."

The children may be on holiday and you might have taken leave too. Yes, I know they have driven you to take leave of your senses.

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