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thumb rhysfam1How have you survived the first couple of weeks of the school holidays? Only 1 week to go you keep thinking. "I can do this, I know I can ....."

The children may be on holiday and you might have taken leave too. Yes, I know they have driven you to take leave of your senses.

No-one said Parenting is easy, they just didn't tell you how hard it actually is. I have put together some activities that you can do as a family and build some really strong bonds which will provide them with great life skills.

Here are some facts about ADHD which influence the activities I have suggested.

It is a paradoxical condition that affects between 7 – 10% of any population.

At one extreme you have the hyperactives who are always on the go exploring their surroundings and causing chaos. At the other end of the spectrum, are the day-dreamers who are most at home in their heads rather than participating in the world around them. In between are the majority who flit between being hyperactive and day-dreaming.

MomBabyWhichever type of ADHD child you have, you can be sure that bringing them up is going to be a challenge. You will need to be prepared to change activities regularly to avoid the boredom factor.

Despite any learning difficulties, ADHD children are usually 2 to 3 years ahead of their peer group intellectually. But they are also 2 to 3 years behind emotionally. Low self esteem is inevitable due to constant failure and poor social skills. Sensory issues which include food textures, sensitivity to light, loud noises, smells and clothing all contribute to making life more complex.

Building a track record of success increases their self esteem. As they become more self confident they become less anxious, better able to cope in social situations and more willing to participate in group activities. This is important because when they enter the working world they have to be able to communicate with others.