Seeking Treatment Alternatives Is Always Bad Practice

I have been asked repeatedly if there are alternatives to medication, especially Ritalin. It's a “wrong” question because both yes and no answers would be bad advice.

Right up fthumb Jimmy Earl SizedSmront I want to state emphatically that I am not “pro” medication - or any other single therapy. I am very “pro” any combination of therapies that enable the ADDer to lead a contented and productive life, because there is no “magic bullet!”

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Fidgeting Is Good For Focus

Fidgeting is very good for concentration and focus! Sounds crazy, but just like so many things in ADHD, the paradox is valid.


Christian Horner is a high profile foot tapper. (I am not saying in any way that he has ADHD!) The boss of the Formula 1 Red Bull Racing team is renowned for video footage of his foot tapping during races.

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ADHD Reminders

handremindersI have ADHD and how well do I remember the agony of constantly losing my lunch box, my shoes, books, hat and worst of all, my homework book. My school desk was always a tip within 2 days of starting the new term and my school bag not much better. Yet I craved to be neat and organised like the other girls in my class.

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Focus on your children's strengths

jandn1Dave and I recently spent some time with 2 very hyperactive ADHD 11 year olds and it was most inspiring.

We fetched them from school on a Friday afternoon and took them for lunch and milkshakes. It was not a quiet time.

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School Mornings in my ADHD Home


SleepyI was recently going through some of the things I had written about four years ago and I came upon my description of what mornings were like in my house back then.

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Children Are Born Competent

AddieSizedBabies, learning to sit, crawl, walk, wield a spoon, controlling bodily functions takes time, repeated failure and practise. As parents, we don't say to our babies when they fall on their bottoms for the first time, "oh dear, you are useless, you better not try that again. I will carry you for the rest of your life".

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