NoddingDogI provide endless hours of amusement to Dave Pughe-Parry because when I am reading on my computer screen, or a book, my head bobs up and down, backwards and forwards and moves from side to side as I concentrate.

I also pull very funny faces - apparently. Fortunately he can't see what my feet are doing. They are wrapped around the legs of my chair clinging on for dear life as I focus. When I get up they are totally numb. My fingers are equally numb from being clenched when I am not typing.

Yet, when I watch Dave reading he sits dead still with a dead pan face.

Teachers, by providing your expert input you can help other parents and teachers who might notice similar habits and be concerned about them.

I am an adult with ADHD who was only diagnosed at the ripe old age of 51 so I have many habits and mannerisms that I have been totally unaware of. I am a voracious reader and have never struggled with reading. My handwriting is appalling (left handed) and I have very poor fine motor skills.

If I was in your school class what would you do? Would you be concerned that I had a vision problem or other learning disability? Would you recommend any corrective action for me?

Although I have written this by poking fun at myself, it is actually a serious question that I am asking.

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