Women Who Have ADHD

It was sometime in the dying days of 1999 that I was unexpectedly diagnosed as having ADHD.

The Internet was in it’s infancy, so it seemed natural to get connected. However, I first connected with other adult ADDers. In no time I had 8 small groups running, with around 5 people on average. addWomanOne of those groups was an all-female group, not intentionally, it just happened like that. I am eternally grateful for that quirk of fate.

At the first meeting I asked if they could treat me as one-of-the-girls, so to speak. They did, and the longer we met, the easier it became for them and me.

Those meetings were enormously significant in my life, and especially valuable in my life as an ADHD Coach. I was in a privileged position once a week to learn more about how women think, how easily they share things that most men won’t even admit to themselves.

I absolutely do not claim to be an expert on women, but there is a special place in my heart for each of my female clients. Within my passion for people who have - and live alongside - the condition, there is an intense passion for women with the condition.

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The Callous Judgement Of ADHD Women

WomenUniverseWe all know that females of the species are different to the males.

This is true in how ADHD affects women and men. The Inattentive Type is predominantly female, while the males are mainly the Hyperactive Type.

This is one of the reasons that so many women with the condition are missed in school, the fact the symptoms only start displaying around puberty, as opposed to just after birth in the hyperactive type.

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A Vile Name For A Beautiful Condition

SadchildSized2The labels we put on people define how they are perceived in the world. Those of us who have ADHD know this only too well.

As soon as parents hear that your child has ADHD, they immediately stop inviting your youngster for play dates and birthday parties.

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