SadchildSized2The labels we put on people define how they are perceived in the world. Those of us who have ADHD know this only too well.

As soon as parents hear that your child has ADHD, they immediately stop inviting your youngster for play dates and birthday parties.

Teens who have ADHD have the the parents of their romantic interest peering at them intensely looking for signs of madness.

Adults can lose their jobs, or are denied promotion if their ADHD status becomes known. This by the way is why you should never admit to your ADHD in the workplace.

Point is, there hardly is ever a time when ADHD is seen as a gift, or as a positive and desirable trait.

So given the above, it is absolutely beyond me that the medical professionals who found a “new” attention condition decided to call it “Sluggish Cognitive Tempo!”

It’s bad enough that they called ADHD Attention Deficit…, when it is clearly not a deficit, but an inability to prioritise what to pay attention to.

The newly named condition is mostly a re-naming of ADD, or Attention Deficit Disorder. This is also known as the Inattentive Type, which is also a very poor description of the condition.

Why I am creating such a to-do about this?

Imagine your child - any child - having to tell the class or their friends that they have Sluggish… We all know how cruel children are. We all know how super sensitive ADDers are. The humiliation is too terrible to contemplate!

Those taunts will last the full lifetime. The impact will be felt and displayed in countless situations in a lifetime.

Imagine an adult applying for a job and impulsively telling the prospective employer that they have Sluggish… End of the perfect job before you even tried!

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never harm me. Never was a more stinking pile of verbiage written!

Bones heal, names and words brand, and define a person for life.