Shining On Rising

SleepBoyThe most stressful part of any day in human life is the time from waking up until getting to work or school. For an ADHD life, multiply that at least five.

To counteract this in my own life and many of my clients, I worked out a system that has helped enormously.

What you do the night before is to place a short-acting Methylphenidate next to your bed and set you alarm to go off 30 minutes before your scheduled wake up time.

So if you were going to rise at 6:00am, then you set the alarm for 5:30am, take the tablet and go straight back to sleep.

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A Perplexity Of Names

MoonLadyMethylphenidate is the most studied drug in history.

What this means is that ADHD has has been studied just as much, as Methylphenidate is only used for ADHD.

One of the “side-effects” of all this study is that lots of people have been involved. That means many perspectives and viewpoints. And names!

Even the name of the condition has not escaped. First we had 2, ADD and ADHD, to describe the 2 extremes, even though the largest number of people who had ADHD strictly speaking belonged to neither name exclusively. They belonged to a group that has a dominant presentation - 80% of all diagnosed ADDers - so Dominant Inattentive to describe the ADD group, and Dominant ADHD to describe the Hyperactive group.

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The Creative Duopoly

CreativeADHDCreative people have many characteristics in common with ADHD.

This may be because so many creative people actually have the condition. It is fact that most inventors have ADHD, and this goes back centuries.

The point of this article I suppose is that both “creatives” - a word common in advertising and design agencies - and ADDers display paradoxical behaviour traits.

Creatives are nearly all very smart people, as are ADDers, but both types can stupefyingly naive. An appropriate example is they may earn good salaries, but are unable to manage a simply cheque account.

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Who Do You Tell About Your ADHD - Business

BusinessDarkIn the first article on this topic we established that the golden rule is that no one beyond immediate family, but with exceptions needs to know about your ADHD.

In business that same rule must be adhered to. The consequences can be career long, and may even result in a career change.

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Love Lesson From A Child, Her Dog, And The Postman

AbbeyOldGoing through my archives I came across a wonderful story of kindness in action.

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Who Do You Tell About Your ADHD - Family

HappyFamilySizedWho should know about your condition? How far beyond immediate family and close friends should knowledge of your condition be spread?

As with many things ADHD, the answer is “it depends.”

The golden rule is immediate family only, with exceptions. I will set out guidelines to those exceptions. No two families are the same, and that applies especially to ADDers of all ages.

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Statistics Provide A Changing Picture

CrowdHave you ever thought that ADHD has become an epidemic?

I often hear people say that there simply too many children being diagnosed with the condition.

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