Co-occurring Conditions Overview

This is a very important section of the website. Most people believe that ADHD is a solitary condition, like flu. If flu gets worse it develops into pnuemonia, which has many forms and some other conditions which make the pneumonia worse.

CooccuringADHD is NEVER a solitary condition, it is not like flu, rather it is like pneumonia, it has other conditions that tag along for the ride, and swirl around.

Sometimes the co-occurring condition actually masks ADHD, leading to incorrect diagnoses and therefore wrong treatment.

One big difference between ADHD and pneumonia is that your are born with ADHD and there is no cure, whereas you "catch" pneumonia, and you can get cured of it.

I want to point out that there are currently more than 450 mental disorders - this is a massive amount! I have included an excerpt below from the Wikipedia page which sets out this controversy and provides a current list for you to peruse

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No One Has Just ADHD

ForcefullI was talking to a new client a few months ago and she told me - very forcefully - that she has the Inattentive Type of ADHD.

“You have ADD not ADHD, you mean” I asked, seeking to establish whether she knew the difference and how deep her knowledge of the condition was.

“That’s what the psychiatrist said when he diagnosed me, I only have the Inattentive Type of ADHD,” she said in a tone that was brooking no disagreement from me.

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