Miscellaneous Conditions Overview

Tender points fibromyalgiaThe most tender points of fibromyalgiaThere is quite diverse range of co-occurring conditions that sometimes live alongside ADHD.

No one has just ADHD, there is always at least two other conditions along for the life journey

Fibromyalgia occurs mainly with the Inattentive Type of ADHD, and thus is more common amongst females. It is characterised by widespread musculoskeletal pain at certain points in the body.

The pain is accompanied by general fatigue, memory loss, mood and sleep problems. There is no cure for it.

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Addictions and ADHD

Moody AddictAddictions and ADHD remains one of the most controversial issues surrounding the treatment - and non-treatment - of ADHD. 

We will look at a range of facts so that a proper understanding of the links between ADHD and addictions, and the misuse of stimulant medication.

I believe strongly that treating a person who has ADHD and is also an addict can only start inside an Addictions Rehabilitation Centre. The addiction must be controlled in order to start on the ADHD.

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