Mood Disorders Overview

depressionDepression is one of the conditions that always runs alongside ADHD - even if you don't fully qualify to wear the official depression badge. The other is anxiety.

I have listed most of the conditions that commonly co-occur with ADHD here. You will find stories about these conditions in this section. The conditions are listed in no particualr order.

Bi-polar and it's different flavours, Dysthemia and Cyclothymia, and the appropriately named SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder.

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Deep Dark Places

depression cloudIs this typical ADHD; is it just me or does every body get sucked down into a place where we are frozen, unable to live our normal lives?

I'm sure that everybody in the universe has bad times. I know for a fact that people with any form of clinical depression suffer badly. That's the nature of depression.

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