Tic Disorders Overview

TwitchingBlurTic Disorders have different types, of which the most well known is Tourette Syndrome, TS.

One of the most distressing symptoms is the use of obscene words and inappropriate touching of the genital area, Coprolalia and Copropraxia, respectively.

Tourette Syndrome is not treated with stimulants, and the prognosis for a contented and productive life is poor.

Tic Disorders begin in childhood or the teenage years. The primary characteristics are “abnormal” motor and or vocal tics.

The most basic behaviour-displays are called “Simple Motor Tics” that involve only a single muscle group, like eye-blinking, sniffing, neck or shoulder twitching, and jerking of the extremities.

Simple phonic - or sound - tics are simple sounds such as coughing, throat clearing, grunting, and swallowing or sucking sounds.

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ADHD and Tics

TwitchingSizedQuestion: My son has "tics" with the ADD and I am looking for information on the treatment of both conditions as the medication seems to contradict each other - e.g. Ritalin and Solian.

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