aCoachingSADHD Coaching

We provide one-on-one coaching via Zoom to clients world wide - this works very well, in many aspects this format is better than one-on-one at home or the workplace.

The most important benefit of using digital communication is that the coaching takes place in the client's own environment. I have had clients who sat in coffee shops, and restaurants, in a leafy green park, and in many an office doing the coaching. This provides a unique level of confidence that enhances the coaching.

In essence ADHD Coaching starts with a Living ADDventure® Impairments Assessment, followed by a coaching plan developed to address the impairments that have been identified.

Living ADDventure® has developed more than 30 different modules from which the coaching plan is constructed, and which are then adapted to suit each client.

ADHD Coaching should always take place with family members involved. There are few exceptions to this principle. It is important that non-ADHD family members change how they deal with the ADDer. Teachers contribute massively here.

The one exception here is the workplace. Employers and work colleagues should not be informed of an ADHD diagnosis if at all possible. It is highly likely that the ADDer will be victimized in one way or another.

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