Living ADDventure® provides personalised ADHD Coaching for adults who live with or alongside ADHD throughout the world using WhatsApp Video Call, Skype and Zoom.

Each person is impacted differently by their ADHD,  the type and the severity of the condition, and the current and the historical environment and the primary impact factors.

ADHD Coaching differs from therapy in that it is directive. We do not look back except for context. We focus on changing how you deal with today and tomorrow and thereafter.

ADHD Coaching is part of managing ADHD daily, and forms part of our multi-modal approach.

We currently have more than 30 modules that we personalise and adapt into our clients lives.

Our Coaching sessions last between 45 and 90 minutes.

Take the 1st step by booking a 45 - 90 minute WhatsAPP Video Call, a Skype session, or a ZOOM call with Dave Pughe-Parry the founder of Living ADDventure®. Contact me on email now: