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CoffeebeansCoffee IS Good For You! The Study Says So! There are studies that prove that everything is both good and bad for you!

It seems all you have to do, is dream up something you would like to see, or better still, something that fits your view of your world, ask a few people some questions you have carefully created so that your point will be proved, check the figures, and announce your findings, and drive millions of people into a state of terror.

CoffeeAs ADDers (someone who has ADHD, we are bombarded all the time by people telling what we mustn't eat or drink, and rather less frequently, what we must eat and drink. Have you noticed how the things that are "good" for us, are the so-called healthy things like raw carrots and broccoli, while the "bad" things are the nice things we love, like chocolate, and coffee?

I was very happy to read a piece in the Huffington Post by Delia Lloyd that one of my favourite so-called sins was in fact good for me! At last, I thought, I don't have to be defensive about drinking that king of beverages, coffee, without some rabid health fanatic giving me the evil eye - or worse, trying to convince me earnestly that I should rather drink green tea, or some other equally foul tasting poison.

Ms Lloyd lists her reasons from various studies to prove her point.

  • Women won't be as depressed if they drink coffee - a whole 20% less depressed. This follows another study that shows the more coffee you drink, the less likely you are to commit suicide!
  • Men who drink more than 6 cups of coffee per day will have 60% less chance of contracting "lethal prostate cancer." This is a revolutionary statement, as drinking that many cups of coffee per day was absolutely certain to send you post-haste into an early grave, according to earlier studies.
  • Coffee provides for a 39% reduction in you getting head and/or neck cancers - provided you drink at least 4 cups per day.
  • A study on mice show that if we drink 5 cups of coffee per day, it's unlikely that we will get Alzheimers disease. Scientists are so excited about this, that if the study proves their point, coffee - or caffeine - will be used as an effective treatment against the dreaded disease.
  • Her last point is that coffee provides protection against diabetes, the Type 2 version. I am an insulin-dependent diabetic, I drink at least 4 cups of coffee per day, which clearly didn't provide any protection for me.

The point of this is, should we believe any of these studies? Following them leads to a life of misery having to eat foods that, if prepared properly - as opposed to raw - would be marginally palatable.As ADDers we are bombarded by people - well meaning people - who honestly believe that a neurological condition like ADHD can be cured by eating less of one thing, and more of something else.

Clever ADDers know there is NO CURE! There is even a study - published 2 weeks ago - that says that the much vaunted multivitamins will actually decrease your life span! Life is simply too short to pay heed to all these scientific studies. I say, simply follow your nose, eat moderately of anything that takes your fancy, exercise by walking around enough to burn off the calories, laugh a lot, and love all day.

Notes: Delia Lloyd is an American writer based in London. Her work has appeared in The International Herald Tribune, The Financial Times and The Guardian Weekly. She is a regular contributor to www.PoliticsDaily.com and blogs about adulthood at www.realdelia.com.

Image: Creative Commons Licence - http://www.flickr.com/photos/amanda28192/6216031916

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