Celebrate Each Success

Serena Williams wins GoldWe've all seen athletes celebrating a win, or reaching a milestone.  As sport has got more competitive - often the margin between winning and losing is measured in milliseconds - so the celebrations have become more intense.

Some are more animated than others, which doesn't make any difference. What is important is that the success is celebrated.

Roger Federer is usually quite restrained compared to say Serena Williams, who is less inhibited.

No champion would NOT celebrate a win, or a record, or any other achievement. And so it should be with ADDers seeking to overcome the difficulties caused by ADHD.

In the earlier article about Focusing on Strengths, I talked about having someting to build on, and how winning becomes a habit.

Celebrating each victory, no matter how small, builds the foundation for the future.

It is the "track record of success" that provides the energy and the inspiration to succeed today, and tomorrow.

Just imagine the horror of what a track record of failure leads to.

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