ADHD is a condition that happens to people - approximately 10% of any given population in fact. Think of a bus, about 10% of the people on that bus will have some form of ADHD.

It's very helpful to understand that while ADHD symptoms are common - there are 18 - the way those symptoms impair each individual's ability to lead a contented and productive life is different.

The reason we've got different groups in this section is that ADHD affects everybody differently. So if you only want to read about teenagers and the condition, you can do so.

We have sections for Parents, for Adults - both those have the condition and those who live alongside it - for those all-important people, Teachers and Educators, for Teens with the condition, and a broad group for those who are in a Relationship of any kind where ADHD is present.

There's a lot to be taken in and to learn. Spend as much time as you need - we don't mind at all, you'll never wear out your welcome here. Most people tend to spend well over an hour with us!

Ask questions if you something is not clear - questions only cost your email address. Remember, there's no such thing as a "stupid question" when it comes to ADHD. We would rather you have many "aha-moments!"