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teensWhen youngsters with ADHD become teenagers life can become very difficult for both the teen and the parents.

Hormones are raging, the teen may start to rebel, refuse to take medication and school work can suffer.

It is also a time when peer pressure is at its worst and teens with ADHD in an effort to calm their brains they are frequently tempted to self medicate with alcohol, smoking and drugs. Due to their low self esteem they also may develop eating disorders, get into gambling, shoplifting and other undesirable habits. Anxiety and depression are common co-occurring conditions.

ADDers are frequently anti-establishment and traditional rules don't work. This is why at Living ADDventure® we focus on teaching the value of core priniciples which makes discipline much easier, builds confidence and self esteem.

Contact us by completing the enquiry form on the right for help. We offer help for teens and for the parents - it makes the teens - and parents lives easier.

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