help meEmail is like an atomic bomb! It has the ability to destroy your day in the most cruel and unexpected way. But there is a way you can avoid this apocalyptic embarrassment.

In today's fast moving world of smart phones and push email, there is little place to hide. Just because you are available 24/7, you are expected to react immediately - no matter the time of day or night.

EmailSpamMost business people I know get into the office and immediately start their day by checking their email. There are so many ""good"" reasons -justifications - for doing this.

The reasons vary from not wanting to appear to be behind, not wanting to get caught out, to having advance knowledge, this of course is a source of power, and just plain old curiosity.

But emails demand at the very least a response or a reply. This is where the problem starts to impact your day. The response hardly ever requires typing a quick reply - you have to find something out, look it up, or email someone else, or phone that person, or walk to their office... and this is a simple response!

Murphy's Law dictates that you can't see the person you need to get the information from, they're off sick, or in an important meeting, or they don't know. Again, this is a simple aggravation - you can imagine for yourself how difficult this can get! Before you know it, it's lunch time and you haven't looked at your own daily plan or to-do list. You have lost about 4 hours on ONE little email!

These hours have to be recouped, somewhere, sometime. Stress starts to impact your day, you start to worry, get irritable, etc. Not Nice!

A simple way to avoid this and be more productive is to NOT EVEN SWITCH ON your email app until you have done what you had planned to do.The chances of you being behind your colleagues are remote. You could actually be ahead, because you are up to date.

I am loath to give you a time to finally look at your email. It will vary from person to person, and it will vary for each person. You make the decision when to switch on the roller-coaster called email. You will quickly learn when that time is.

This is a nuclear-strength shelter that will save your life.

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