You have got, (Not may have, not could be, but absolutely, definitely have got!) spontaneous creativity waiting to be tapped! Waiting to be nurtured and encouraged.

I know; it all happened to me as a kid in the late 50's early 60's, don't let it happen to you or your family. If you are at school fight for your right to be creative! If you have someone with ADHD in your family, just know that there is a deep well of frustrated creativity waiting to be unleashed. If you have already opened the flood gates and your child is already being creative, great, now step back and be even more encouraging, let every speck of creativity come out. Don't let anything stay frustrated and festering in your child. Just watch how they will grow and blossom!

When I look back at my primary schooling there is very little that I like to remember, but there is one teacher who springs to mind. I loved him because he gave me good marks for my essays. For one year I loved English. My other marks improved as well because there was a positive feeling about school that year, there was a teacher who approved of me! He just "got" me. He took my barely legible scrawl and worked through it and understood that I was writing to create atmosphere and mood. He didn't fuss with introduction, body and conclusion. He didn't want a boring information leaflet, he let me unleash my weird imagination and create horror and excitement in just a few pages. Some of the stuff actually scared my folks. I think now a-days they would have called a shrink!

Next year I was back with a normal boring old teacher and my marks dropped from 80/90% to the usual 50/55 with punishment for writing and spelling. Man that sucked!

The only good thing about high school was rugby and cross country. I could smash into big guys as hard as I could, and run and run all the frustration and angst out of my system. Oh I understand myself so much better now! How a little guy like me just lived to tackle the biggest on the field. How I loved to run through the country, freedom to escape the frustrations and limitations of school!

These are your children's formative years, let the creativity flow. Be on their side, so that you support their creativity and "differentness".

An ADHDer will love spontaneous media, quick pencil drawing, large, fast, bold colours and clay sculpture. Let them write about their weird imaginings without restriction. Let them express themselves physically, obviously with hurting themselves and anyone else!

Help them by supplying the equipment they need and the encouragement to use it, even if you don't get what they're doing or saying. Remember, you aren't their age or in their mind. Let them form themselves without frustration and anxiety so that they can grow into balanced and controlled adults.

Parents look out!
Kids take note!

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