On April 01 2013, a study was published in Paediatrics journal - and it wasn't an April Fools joke. *

It said that parent training delivered better results than medication for pre-school children. This certainly got my juices flowing.

At Living ADDventure® we have had a slightly different slant on that ever since we started way back in 1999. We believe - and know - that both are equally important. That's why we developed our Living ADDventure® Treatment Wheel with it's 8 vital components.Living ADDventure Treatment Wheel

I thought I would share with you what some of the parents and educators who have started our Living ADDventure® Online Parent Training course have been saying.

Part of each module is to write a short post, just a few paragraphs about a topic that is dealt with in the module. (Some people write essays, which is great.)

The purpose of these assignments is obviously to develop deeper understanding of the subject, but also to provide all the students with real-life experiences of others who live with or alongside ADHD.

Of course these posts invite comment from others as they so often have a different perspective on the same, or similar, subject.

This is a really important aspect of the parent training, the realisation that you have others who are in the same boat - a marvellous support.

Luis Rebello is a Dad who is blogging about his experience of doing the course - you can read his blog here. His first quote is interesting in that he highlights the plight and struggle of so many parents.

"As a parent I always thought I knew what was best for my child, but understanding that I am NOT an expert in ADHD and I have to leave a diagnosis up to the experts, was enlightening for me. Never assume anything. Experts have been encouraged to FIRST eliminate ADHD before carrying on to other possible conditions." **

Caren Falconer, a blogger from Cape Town is also recording her course experiences in her blog A Living Tapestry which you can read here. This is one of those wonderful insights that will help every parent.

"Thanks to the recording of the ADHD brain experience, I really learnt something more. This little recording opened up a really great discussion with our 9 year old ADHD son. I asked him if he experienced distraction like this. He laughed out loud. He told me that he hears his teachers voice in words and reads them in his brain. Sometimes he has to re read them. WOW!!!" **

The next quote is typical of many of the comments posted. All assignments are answered or commented on, and they are graded. By the way, the marks so far all exceed 70%!

"Hi Dave, Thanks for the very informative answer on how Concerta works, I have never been told that detail by any doctor or psychologist that I have seen for my son." ***

Another question relating to medication.

"As an educator I wish that the negative stigma attached to medication could be eliminated as so many parents are reluctant to go this route even as a last resort. I think the more education parents are exposed to the better." ***

We are glad that educators are doing the course, we - Living ADDventure® - are not too far away from rolling out our specialised Educators Training Course.

Module 2 deals with the diagnostic process, and how to proceed as a parent. The next 2 quotes are from a parent first and then an educator, a vital part in the diagnosis of an ADHD child.

"David Pughe-Parry leads the listener through a very helpful list of what it is not according to the common myths. I found this helpful and reassuring." **

"My problem is with those Doctors, etc, who don't find any evidence of ADD/HD without any input from the school. The other side of the coin holds true as well." ***

Now a couple of contrasting quotes that illustrate the difficulty of trying to raise ADHD children with minimal knowledge and support.

"People does not know what ADHD is, It is very difficult for them to work with or except ADHD kids and the behaviour that comes with it. They don't understand that is so much more than just a busy little child.... All they think and see is... how hard can it be to discipline a child... I say... walk a day in my shoes, you will run away screaming after the first hour!!" ***

"I cannot wait to learn more as I deal with these children on a daily basis with my career, but also with myself and my son." ***

Dad Luis Rebello at ADHD ONE STEP AT A TIME says,

"Living ADDventure is a site dedicated to helping people just like me understand what we are dealing with. I have completed the first two modules and short quiz. Even though I have only just scratched the surface of understanding ADHD, it has given me a massive insight into what it is involved. The modules are laid out extremely well and presented in a basic way that every person can understand."  **

CourseScreenCapture2Another educator says,

"At my school, we have had several workshops and talks on the topic of ADD and ADHD presented by an educational psychologist. They have been helpful, but your course is putting it across so effectively. It is very clear, with definite information coming through. So, a very big thanks, Pat and Dave. (Sometimes we gather information that has been presented in a sort of casual manner, without the correct emphasis. The result is airy-fairy knowledge.)" ***

These comments exceed our expectations. If there were any negative ones, I would have included them.

We have had to help some people through the initial stages of how to use the online course, and we continue to learn how to present it to our specific audience, these are necessary, not a problem, and will be ongoing.

The Living ADDventure® Parenting Course is choc-full of knowledge that each parent of an ADHD child needs to know. In addition, you get tacit support from the other students and naturally, from us at Living ADDventure®.

The ADHD Parenting Training Course is very reasonably priced at only R1200.00 or approximately USD100.00 and we are generous with the time you need to complete the course. You can sign up for the full course and pay online by clicking here

The first module is currently free - try it for 30 days

As they say in the classics, you have nothing to lose, but an awful lot to gain.

* You can find the full study here

** These bloggers are identified as they are blogging about their experiences doing the course

*** These quotes have been kept anonymous as people can be victimised for disclosing their ADHD status

All the quotes above are used verbatim - we have made no changes.

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