Lana Smith is a well known KZN Play Therapist has given her suggestions for  suitable toys for children with ADHD.

Please note that neither Lana nor Living ADDventure® endorse any particular brand name but where Lana has suggested a particular brand it is merely an example and similar brands may be equally suitable.

Lana has included suggestions  below that will suit all pockets and ages. 

Dave Pughe-Parry

What are you looking for when purchasing a gift for an ADHD child?

a) Require focus and concentration

b) Encourage creativity and/or have a creative element

c) Teach/enhance a skill


  • Lego
  • Zoobs
  • Mechano
  • Diabolo


  • Beading
  • Science experiments
  • Baking/cooking
  • Magic
  • Gardening
  • Scrapbooking


  • Musical Instrument and/or music lessons


Board games are always a good option but instead of the usual snakes and ladders/ludo etc look for ones that require problem solving and/or creativity.

  • Monster Match/Ben 10 Alien match
  • Chess
  • Memo Mime
  • Jenga
  • Cranium for kids
  • Triominoes
  • Junior Pictionery
  • Scrabble
  • Monopoly
  • Hide and seek


If your child is begging for one of these make sure it is an educational one that requires problem solving and not just mindless killing to get to higher levels.


Swing ball


Lana SmithAbout Lana Smith

Lana Smith, wife to Brian who is a Pastor at Hillcrest Presbyterian Church and a busy Mom to 2 small boys lives in Hillcrest, KZN. She is a qualified Play Therapist and Social Worker. She works closely with schools and many medical professionals who refer clients to her.

I was surprised to learn that Lana also does Play Therapy with teens adults who need to work through traumatic episodes in their lives or have issues from childhood that have not been dealt with.

Contact Lana or call her on 083 518 1477.

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