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I have been asked repeatedly if there are alternatives to medication, especially Ritalin. It's a “wrong” question because both yes and no answers would be bad advice.

Right up fthumb Jimmy Earl SizedSmront I want to state emphatically that I am not “pro” medication - or any other single therapy. I am very “pro” any combination of therapies that enable the ADDer to lead a contented and productive life, because there is no “magic bullet!”

I am very “pro” any combination of therapies that enable the ADDer to lead a contented and productive life. I say combination because there is no “magic bullet!”

We have been advocating a multi-disciplinary treatment regimen for over a decade. Our Living ADDventure® Treatment Wheel sets out what we believe are the basic 8 treatments to start with - together. See the diagram below.

In the case of “fixing” a disease, a condition, or a syndrome why would you want an alternative, surely you would want the best, for yourself and especially for your child?

Sometimes we are forced through circumstances beyond our control to seek alternatives - for example if we don’t have medical insurance and cannot afford the exorbitant prices of the best medication or treatment.

Let’s explore this vital but very difficult decision when it comes to what treatment is best for ADHD - I hope you will be surprised and reassured, even inspired, by the results.

Most importantly I want to ask why treatment for ADHD is equated with medication or an alternative?

Treatment WheelLiving ADDventure® Treatment WheelThere are very few conditions that are remedied by a single therapy or treatment. Even headaches and migraines require medication, a darkened room, standing on your head, and sleep. Rest is almost universally prescribed for illness, it affords the body the opportunity to repair it self.

I have worked with ADHD clients who retire to their beds for a few days each month - the pain during menses is so debilitating. Besides medication for the pain, the prescribed antidepressant is increased as well.

ADHD is a neurological condition, it occurs in the brain, and we are born with it. That’s where it should be treated, surely? Well yes, but that doesn’t enable a contented and productive life.

The problem is that medication, and it’s lesser alternatives such as fish oils and foodstuffs don’t enable the ADHD brain to somehow become like a “normal” or non-ADHD brain. They might get close, but never completely.

And then of course the effect wears off after few hours, and the ADHD brain becomes its old self again.