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Despite some claims, there is nothing yet that “changes the brain permanently.” What we can do is take steps to learn the skills that we didn’t learn before the diagnosis and medication. Then we are able to develop skills that lessen - possibly even remove the disasters of involuntary distraction and impulsivity.

No medication, vitamin, food, or herb can ever enable you to suddenly make well thought out decisions using the right criteria. But they can enable you to learn those skills.

Having a loving and supportive family life helps enormously, but on it’s own, it’s just a loving and supportive family life, not a cure or fix for ADHD.

BallroomDancingExercise is good for everybody, it gets the blood flowing and aerates the brain and muscles. For ADHD - the hyperactive type especially, exercise enables better concentration and focus, but it needs to be done in amounts that almost prevent anything else getting done. For the inattentive presentation it can make the “activation-to-action” easier. On it’s own, it’s just exercise.

Sensory issues can negate the effects of even the most potent therapies. If you can’t bear the texture of a certain material on your skin, nothing will enable you to  concentrate on what you need to do.

But wearing clothes that have a pleasant texture will neither decrease or increase your ability to focus.

Omega 3 and 6 oils are never a satisfactory replacement for medication, they are simply not nearly as effective, but they do provide a boost on top of medication. Usually that is not cost effective though, as the amounts of oils required to provide a noticeable improvement are significant.

Treatment for ADHD is never standard, it must always be individualised for the each person and their current circumstances. Sometimes more medication is required, at other times less, Occupational therapy doesn’t last for a life time, exercise type and frequency can be adapted to lifestyle and age, the only constants are family love and support - that should always be at maximum levels.

Remember that love is a verb - it’s something that must be done, it is an act, just saying it is never good enough.

It should now be clear that a single therapy is definitely not an option.
The only alternatives should be the following:

    * Which medication and what dosage

    * Which Occupational Therapies

    * Which exercise and what frequency

    * Which foods and materials are substituted for those that cause distraction

 Below I have taken a short excerpt from our parenting course diagnostic module which explains some of the complexities of the condition. It does not take into account any of the co-occurring conditions. This is important as no one has just ADHD, at least two conditions are intertwined.

The Living ADDventure Treatment Wheel is dealt with in detail in Module 4 of the parenting training course.

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