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Teachers And Educators

TiniHaving ADHD I am interested in so many topics and two which are close to my heart are education and technology.

Science GuyAs soon as a child can't concentrate, the child is being labelled as having ADHD.

NoddingDogI provide endless hours of amusement to Dave Pughe-Parry because when I am reading on my computer screen, or a book, my head bobs up and down, backwards and forwards and moves from side to side as I concentrate.

Be crazySpelling in English is more difficult than other languages, and that makes it more difficult for ADDers.

PolynomialdADHD and Maths are not great bedfellows and when I read how Wikipedia describes Quadratic Equations I am not at all surprised.

Bright SparkObviously all ADDers have different challenges and won't all experience these things



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