Written by Dave Pughe-Parry Dave Pughe-Parry
Last Updated: 23 January 2019 23 January 2019

MomReadSizedWe were sitting in the sunset-filled lounge of a new client who lived in one of those delightful Karoo towns in the middle of South Africa.

“So what is this ADT thing, how do you get it, and what do you do about it,” asked the middle-aged woman?

I smiled, “it’s certainly not the security company ADT,” I said.

“ADHD is not something you catch or get, you are actually born with the condition,” I said.

“You don’t lose it either, and there’s no cure, not even on the distant horizon.”

This mother of a newly diagnosed early-teenager stared at me in horror, her bottom lip starting to quiver.

“But how… where did this happen,” she managed in a strangled whisper.

“Like most children she probably got it from one of her parents,” I said, deciding to grasp the nettle and put the truth on the table early, without pussy-footing around.

Immediately she brightened, her tears dried, and her lips widened into a glistening smile.

“She got it from her father then, no doubt about that,” she said, the wobbly jaw now thrust out determinedly.

Over the next 2 hours her mood wobbled some, but when we left, she had a good understanding of what the condition is, and most importantly, what the options were.

These are facts that I shared with my client that evening.

Firstly, you are born with ADHD, all the types. ADHD is not contagious, but it is hereditary.

ADHD is has the second highest heritability factor after height. What that means is that 4 out 5 children with ADHD have at least one parent with the condition.

This has significant impact on the road ahead for families. Firstly, it means that the parents need to get their ADHD sorted, otherwise the children are going to really struggle.

I usually coach the parents primarily, also giving them tasks to uplift the children. I might have a couple of sessions with the children as well. Having a couple of structured family sessions also work incredibly well.

What can you do about ADHD as there is no cure available? The best we can do is manage the condition and educate ourselves continuously.

Managing ADHD using the 8 components of the Living ADDventure® Basic Treatment Wheel provides good results. This should become an integral part of your daily routine.

Once you have options, life becomes considerably brighter.

A few days later my client learnt during the coaching that she was the parent that passed on the ADHD genes to her daughter, her husband was the solid rock on which the whole family leaned.

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