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Mood Disorders

I want to point out that there are currently more than 450 mental disorders - this is a massive amount! I have included an excerpt below from the Wikipedia page which sets out this controversy and provides a current list for you to peruse

Mood Disorders

depressionDepression is one of the conditions that always runs alongside ADHD - even if you don't fully qualify to wear the official depression badge. The other is anxiety.

I have listed most of the conditions that commonly co-occur with ADHD here. You will find stories about these conditions in this section. The conditions are listed in no particualr order.

Bi-polar and it's different flavours, Dysthemia and Cyclothymia, and the appropriately named SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Two conditions that occur on their own but are often severely aggravated by ADHD symptoms are the monthly Premenstrual Syndrome or PMS. They occur only in women

The other is postpartum depression, that (usually) 6 week-long period after the birth of a child.

There are other conditions that can occur, but these are the ones that most impact on ADDers and are impacted by ADHD

Is this typical ADHD; is it just me or does every body get sucked down into a place where we are frozen, unable to live our normal lives?

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