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hands meetingWe are often asked how ADHD Coaching differs from Life Coaching. Thre are significant differences

1. Living ADDventure® ADHD Coaches Have ADHD

We are firm believers that in order to truly understand how someone with ADHD feels and functions their Coach needs to have the condition and been through the Living ADDventure® ADHD Coaching Programme. There is no quick fix and our clients need their Coaches to be available long term to pick them up when they fall.

2. Living ADDventure® ADHD Impairments Assessments

Every person whether they have ADHD or not have at least 2 and often more ADHD characteristics. Even those who are diagnosed with ADHD might be functioning very well despite being labelled ADHD.

At Living ADDventure® we focus intensley on how ADHD impairs someone from living a contented and productive life. Therefore we do a comprehensive 2 – 3 hour Living ADDventure® ADHD Impairments Assessment which covers all aspects of ADHD and co-occurring conditions.

FutureWhy is ADHD coaching so important? Having been through coaching myself, and now coaching others, I am convinced of the effectiveness and value of coaching adults with ADHD!

fixingabrain“They are dyslexic, they are autistic, they have ADD, they are square pegs in round holes, they piss people off, get into arguments, rock the boat, laugh in the face of paperwork.” How’s this for a definition?


communicationSpeak up!  Be quiet!
Look at me when I speak to you!
That is not what I said!  Don't lie!

How many of the above are common in your ADHD family or classroom?

US OpenImagine you are a tennis player and you are regularly in the top 10 in the world but you just can’t crack that grand slam win.



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