FutureWhy is ADHD coaching so important? Having been through coaching myself, and now coaching others, I am convinced of the effectiveness and value of coaching adults with ADHD!

There were so many 'light bulb' moments...

I learnt an incredible amount about myself, the condition and relationships; it was truly life-changing (without sounding cheesy). Understanding ADHD and WHY you do things is vital if you ever hope to move on and make changes in your life.

The LightA very powerful aspect for me was the fact that with coaching you focus on the future and not the past. Unlike a lot of therapy I've done in the past which never showed me how to move on from your past!

An ADHD Coach walks alongside a client while the client chooses what changes to make in their lives, and giving them the understanding, tools, knowledge and insight to do it.

There is a practical component to coaching, to enable you to learn new skills, but a vital part is also working on your thoughts and 'mind-speak', as this affects every area of your life.

Coaching also includes working with the family, as the most successful outcome is made possible if the Adder has his/her family's full support and understanding.