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BrainColoursDave Pughe-Parry created this audio clip several years ago and it has proved to be an incredibly useful tool to illustrate the effects of distraction in ADHD.

Mental health iconHere is a Video Clip created by Dave Pughe-Parry to explain how the ADHD Brain Works and what happens when Ritalin and Concerta are used.

Question GuyADHD is such a complex and large subject and is very often confusing to even seasoned practitioners.

The topics listed below will help you to frame your own question so we can answer it appropriately and faster. Hover your cursor on the "?" to see what needs to be done

grandmachildTHE SCHOOL IS INSISTING ON HER TAKING RITALIN, we are dead against this, but the pressure is getting to my daughter. Please help!




SherlockI have been listening to the audiobooks of Sherlock Holmes and it inspired a little bit of detective work of my own, writes Kevin Ashton. Herewith I present: “Sherlock Holmes and the Case of ADD”

Perplexed Smiley Face 800pxFor the last few years some of the most respected names in ADHD have been talking about a new condition, or just a new name for an old condition.  Either way they chose one of the most abhorrent names possible - Sluggish Cognitive Tempo!





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