messydeskADDers (those who have ADHD) are dominated by their environments. The environment for an untreated ADDer is a harsh, threatening and cruel place to be.

ADDers are always in trouble. Their inconsistency exasperates non-ADDers.

* "You run this big company, but you can't manage your cheque book."

* "You got a distinction for science, but you failed maths hopelessly."

* "You have created a massive and successful marketing campaign, but you are never on time for meetings."

* "Have you no respect for money? How could you spend my housekeeping money on that fancy new computer - we already have one!"

* "How could you say such a rude thing to an adult? You have no respect."

NeatDeskThe relationship between the ADDer and his non-ADD environment is always difficult. ADDers are often very good at creating structure, but don't expect them to operate in that structure. ADDers crave structure - their brains are so dominated by their environments, it is almost impossible to be structured.

The structure must be consistent - the same at school, home work, after-school care, wherever possible.

Here are some practical tools:


Remove clutter because there is less to pay attention to - less to distract. Clutter is not only physical - it is emotional and mental. It is important to adapt each specific environment for optimum effectiveness. If it doesn't work at first, change it until it does. If that still doesn't work, do something else. It is always worth it.

Some Other Suggestions

* Don't sit next to windows

* Sit in the front row

* Cover book cases

* Use white noise to dampen ambient sound

* Use non-vocal music as background

* Create lists and have them visible

* Have whiteboards and use visuals for everything

* Create specific mini-environments and match to school/work where appropriate

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