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BrainColoursDave Pughe-Parry created this audio clip several years ago and it has proved to be an incredibly useful tool to illustrate the effects of distraction in ADHD.

When parents and teachers hear this audio clip they realise how those with ADHD miss so much of what they hear due to distraction. Dave plays this audio clip in everyone of his talks and workshops. Many medical professionals play this clip to parents to help them understand the condition.

It was recorded at a small school in Fish Hoek where several of the children had ADHD.


This audio clip entitled ""The Sound of an ADHD Brain"" is the creation of Dave Pughe-Parry and Gareth Storer and the copyright of Living ADDventure®.

The clip is freely available for download and you may use the clip in it's original and unaltered form only, for your personal use and/or to illustrate the effects of ADHD, whether it be in a talk or lecture, a medical practice, a school, a home, or any other appropriate place or forum.

You may distribute the clip to anyone who you believe may be helped in their struggle with ADHD.

You may put a link to the correct url on the Living ADDventure® website on your own website.
The conditions being the following:

  • You may not charge anyone else for being able to listen to the clip.
  • You will need written permission from either Dave or Pat Pughe-Parry, the owners of Living ADDventure®, if it is to be included in a bundle or other compilation that you intend charging for. A payment may be required for this.
  • In every single instance, Living ADDventure® must credited in the following way: "This clip is courtesy of Living ADDventure -" This must be done either immediately preceding or after each and every playing of the clip, either verbally or written, or both.
  • Crediting in a general way, such as in a bibliography, at the end of a talk or video production, etc., is NOT acceptable.
  • These are not unreasonable or onerous conditions - after all it's free unless as specified above. We ask that you adhere to this conditions, and assist us to help others.
  • If you come across an instance where these conditions are not being adhered to, please inform us so that we can correct the situation. We have no intention of litigating or suing people for misuse, unless there is no compliance, we simply would like due credit for an audio clip that has assisted so many people around the world to understand what ADHD is like.

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