We were sitting in a coffee shop for my first Living ADDventure® ADHD Coaching session. Not the best place to be when you are constantly crying but because we had agreed to put our personal relationship on hold for the duration of the Coaching doing the sessions at my home was not an option and Dave's office was 50kms away. A coffee shop halfway between was our agreed compromise.

I had seen my psychiatrist and told him I didn't want Ritalin or Concerta at this stage and told Dave that for the first time in my life I was enjoying being the "real whacky me" and I didn't want to take meds that would control my mind. If you have been down this ADHD road you have no doubt said or heard the same thing from ADDers in your life.

For most of my life I had lived in fear - fear of getting into trouble, fear of making mistakes, fear of looking stupid but now I was single again supposedly enjoying my midlife madness where I could do what I want without anyone telling me what to do.

"How am I supposed to Coach you when you are so distracted that you can't focus for longer than 20 seconds?" Dave asked. "Of course I can focus" I retorted. I mentioned in my last post that a typical characteristic of ADHD is that we are very poor at self observation. We don't realise that we are not focusing or the effect we have on others.  The Sound of an ADHD Brain clearly shows how distraction affects us.

Using all my feminine and ADHD wiles I persuaded him to continue with the pdfADHD Coaching Programme and if I found it necessary, I would go onto medication. Yes, we are very good at manipulation. This nearly destroyed our personal relationship with me shouting that I didn't want to be bossed around and Dave trying to be calm saying he couldn't work with me in that state.

Although I am naturally very impulsive I am not good at thinking on my feet.  I mull over things, do a bit of research and am frequently forced to eat humble pie.

Just maybe I should give the medication a try. Just to prove Dave wrong ... if nothing else. A month later I went back to the psychiatrist and asked if I could try Concerta and he gave me a prescription.

At the time I was running my tourist guiding business where I had to talk to passengers via a microphone built into my bus while driving at the same time. Fortunately my bus was automatic so I didn't have to worry about gear changing as well.

It took a few weeks but I gradually became far more aware of my driving and how it had improved while on the Concerta. Apologies to those clients who braved my driving before I started on the meds.

OK - I know I shouldn't mention this but I also lost few kilograms which was a bonus. *

*Note: As with all medication each person may react differently and what works for one person may not work for another. Whether it is a pain killer, antibiotic or ADHD medication you and your prescribing medical professional have to act responsibly. Not everyone on Ritalin or Concerta loses weight.

Living ADDventure® provides ACT (Action, Consequence, Trigger) Forms to help adults and children monitor any medication side effects and behavioural changes. These forms which should "follow" the ADDer to work or school or after care become a valuable tool to help the prescribing medical professional to adjust dosages and change medication as necessary. Please login or register on our site and go to our Downloads section to download our ACT Forms free of charge.

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