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How do you know you are making progress if you don't know where you are at the moment? A fundamental part of our plan to grow our Living ADDventure® ADHD audience worldwide is to know where we are at the moment. This includes analysing how we are doing on our various Social Media platforms.

Luckily I am passionate about Social Media and I also enjoy using EXCEL to analyse the data I can get from our Social Media accounts.

Living ADDventure® is active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and YouTube although I have paid more attention to some platforms than others.

We have also built up a database of subscribers to our newsletters that we send out on a regular basis. I use an automatic mailing programme which manages my subscribers and unsubscribes and gives me detailed analytics of which pages on our website are favourites with our subscribers. I am able to tell how many people open our newsletters and which links they click on.

Google Analytics is also a very important tool to have on your website as the information that it provides is incredible. As an ADDer I can spend hours trawling through all the charts and graphs.

I have created an EXCEL Spreadsheet with rows for our website, and our various social media. In the first column I have put in our goal figures. In the 2nd column is where we are at as at the beginning of January 2015. I have created columns for February through to December which I will update on a monthly basis. This information will tell us what is working, what is not working, where we need to increase our efforts or possibly drop a particular Social Media platform as it is not right for our business.

Finally I have put a reminder in my Google Calendar for the first of each month to go and do this update!


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