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OgdensNutGoneFlake"Life is just a bowl of All-Bran, you wake up in the morning and it's there..." So sang the Small Faces on their wonderful tune, Happy Days Toy Town, off their iconic album, Ogdens Nutgone Flake in 1968

I am using this line to illustrate that actually we have to choose what we have for life - it doesn't have to be, and shouldn't always be All-Bran. This is different to what Ronnie Lane and Steve Marriot meant when they wrote those lines, but it serves my purpose.

We have to choose. Choice is the one thing that distinguishes us from all other living organisms on earth - we have choice. We are not machines that get switched on and run at a constant speed for a pre-detremined number of hours.

Pat and I have 7 deadlines looming for 6pm this evening. This is when those 7 tasks are due to be completed. The reason we set a single deadline for the 7 tasks is simple - we need to be able to juggle the order in which we do things to meet the deadline.

 When I woke up this morning, I saw we are well on track to meet the deadlines - more than half are already complete. Feeling quite chuffed, I reviewed what needed to be done. The happy feeling soon disappeared. I am not comfortable that everything is right, I don't know what it is though.

So why not push on and complete the rest? I got quite conflicted about this question. Here are the factors that I considered and why.

  • Question: Have we laid the right foundations, this has been fast for planning, so could these foundations crumble later in the year?
    • Answer:The work we have done is "probably" right, but I'm not sure if there is something we may have missed. Planning new businesses should be thoughtful and slow, implementation should be fast. So I am going to complete some of the tasks, and intersperse that with some baking and gardening, and review tomorrow morning. Think deeply about our dream.
  • Question: What are the ramifications if I take some time off, and come back with a fresh set of eyes?
    • Answer:When I looked at the diary, I have time available, nothing else will not get done if we extend the deadline, not a problem at all, in fact exactly the opposite.
  • Question: What are the implications for the rest of the week - the month - and the year if I push the deadline out by one day?
    • Answer: The delay of a day, maybe even 2 days, could be the difference between success and disaster for our lives - this is how we earn our living, it's our responsibility
  • Question: Am I procrastinating?
    • Answer: No, I am not procrastinating, I'm being concientious in making sure that we have created the right foundations.
  • Question: Am I being lazy?
    • Answer: No I am not being lazy - that is not in my nature, in fact I work too hard - see below.

These 7 deadlines all concern building blocks for the coming year. This is not a list of actions to implement a plan - this is the plan! This kind of planning is in fact creation; we are creating a new way of conducting our business. This is subtantially different to planning a "to-do" list, or plan of action.

Last year I was off for nearly two months with burnout - we are only just recovering from that now. Dealing with the trauma of other people's ADHD lives is emotionally draining, I need to pace myself better.

 This was a good planning session this morning, I'm pleased with the decisions and with what we have achieved.

This is our big dream, as Pat said, our Magic Faraway Tree, we need to nurture and treasure it!

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