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As part of our 2015 Goal Setting and Planning Lessons we have been challenged to decide what we are prepared to sacrifice in order to be successful.

When you are struggling to get a business up and running, or to keep one going in difficult times, you have inevitably made many sacrifices - long hours, no holidays, no salaries, no medical aid, every bit of cash pumped back into the business, little family time etc.

You feel as if you have nothing left to sacrifice. As they say, when something is not working, change the plan but never the goal. Here is my list of sacrifices that will hopefully resonate with you if you are feeling in the same boat.

Sacrifice your Ego

To cover up our failures and feelings of inadequacy we will often put on a facade of arrogance.  Accept help graciously when it is offered. There are many people who genuinely want to see you succeed. Learn to listen more carefully and take advice when it is applicable.

Sacrifice Impulsivity

Think through and discuss ideas and plans with partners, colleagues and mentors before implementing them. Often we are too close to the situation to be rational. There is seldom a decision that has to be made on the spot.

Sacrifice being a Doormat

If your ego isn’t heading out the door ahead of you, you are quite possibly the doormat that someone else’e ego is stepping on. Learn to say No. Say No to doing freebies, say No to activities that will distract you from what you should be doing. Value yourself, your time and and your skills. Charge what you are worth - not what people tell you they can pay. It is all about priorities.

Sacrifice saying you can't.

It is so easy to say “I can’t do this, I can’t do that.” If you decide something is wrong for you in terms of physical or emotional risk, your morals or ethics, that is fine. Draw your boundaries firmly and say “I won’t”. Otherwise keep trying until you succeed or you prove conclusively that it can not be done. You will surprise yourself at what you can achieve.

Sacrifice taking short cuts

This is a great one for those with ADHD. We have it all stored in our heads, we don't need to write it down. An ADDer's head is a magical place but to make it real you need to write it down. Write down what you need to say when you make a phone call or sit in a meeting with your colleagues. Use your Google Calendar, use your checklists and you are far less likely to look like an idiot or miss vital appointments.

Sacrifice your misery pit.

Stop trying to be like others and whining because you are not. You are unique. Stop the negative mindspeak and start to appreciate who you are. Reward each little success appropriately.

Now get out there and have a wonderful day.

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