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2014 was a horrid year. The temptation to throw in the towel and hide in a cave or jump off a cliff became very attractive on a regular basis. Nothing seemed to work out for us, we had health issues, our car died, the country seemed be going down the tubes and doom and gloom seemed to surround us. Somehow though, we continued to pick ourselves up and try again.

As ADDers (we have ADHD) we are already volatile characters with mood swings that rival any roller coaster. As a couple who both have ADHD our lives are easier and more difficult than if only one partner has ADHD.

After a much needed holiday with family we returned home feeling refreshed and more positive.

 It was time to take stock of our lives. In our quest to survive financially we started to diversify into different businesses. Truth be told, we were also a little bored, OK very bored, with ADHD and Dave had suffered from burnout after a year of working with clients who have been through very traumatic times.

We needed to make a decision. What were our options?

  • Give up our passion and let go of more than a decade's worth of investment in Living ADDventure®?
  • Hedge our bets and continue with running Living ADDventure® and Braving Technology our website and technology training business?
  • Stay with Living ADDventure® but change the way we operate, what we offer etc?

To help keep ourselves motivated and also to help other ADDers experiencing similar issues we are going to write daily to share how we are doing with our plans. We will document our successes and our failures and hopefully inspire you to take action in your own lives. We will also be providing documents and worksheets for you to use as we go along.

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