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Miscellaneous Information:

Pat Pughe-ParryPat the 2nd youngest of 7 children grew up in Durban initially qualified as a medical technologist and over the past 40 years has enjoyed 12 very different careers. Pat was diagnosed with ADHD at 51.

These include medical, veterinary and textile technology, managing a political party office, low cost housing projects, finance and human resource management, co-owning a family IT Software Development and Training company, consultancy work, property management and tourist guide.

It was only when Pat met Dave Pughe-Parry in 2006 that she heard the term ADHD and suddenly the light bulbs popped on. 

After devoting a year to following the Living ADDVenture®ADHD Coaching Programme Pat decided to become Dave's business partner and shortly thereafter his wife.

Together they have devoted their lives to helping those live with and alongside ADHD. Although Pat doesn't do much regular Coaching, Pat is available for one on one sessions by appointments and also to talk to at small groups who are interested to know more about ADHD.

Helping people reach their potential is Pat's passion. A secondary passion is technology and in 2010 Pat decided to teach herself web design and is now responsible for the Living ADDVenture® website.

Pat is the mother of 2 sons, Marc who is married to Paula and they have 3 children and Kevin who is married to Aleks in addition to enjoying the role of step mom and grandparent to Dave's son and daughter and their families.

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