NightWritingThe title of this blog was born sometime in the early noughties, when blogs were the newest and shiniest kid on the Internet block.

Living ADDventure® was only a couple of years old when I decided late one evening to start the blog. (It had to be late at night to avoid the distractions of the day!)

The birth of Conversations in My Head must have been around the end of 2003, as WordPress - the software I used for the blog - only issued it’s first release in May 2003.

Conversations in My Head will contain stories of mine, my personal experiences, my views, and the arguments I have with myself in my head about all things ADHD. Of course, your comments will form an integral part of this digital dialogue.

These are not necessarily topics that belong on the website or on the training site. They might well provide a different perspective of something on the website.

I was diagnosed in my mid-forties, so only count my ADHD-life from then although I was born with the condition - like all of us. One thing I learnt over the first 2 decades of my ADHD life, is that when we read/hear/watch something that we identify with, is that those moments are special.

Its nice to know there are others out there who are “like” me!

So in one way, this blog is for all of us who have ADHD or live alongside it; it’s to create those special moments.

Hopefully, we will all learn a bit more about our respective worlds, and deepen our knowledge of this condition.

Most of all I guess, is for us to find a proper foundation to support and balance us as we try and thrive contentedly in a world that is distinctly non-ADHD.