WorkingSizedPutting together a training course is a lot of work!

With our Parenting Course going well, my focus has now turned to the Learning and Study Skills course. The content has been almost 2 years in the making. With technology continuing to arrive on our screen at an ultra-quick rate, the last 6 months have been more about updating to accommodate technology.

Perhaps more than technology, the biggest influence has been my own knowledge growth. Every time I work with new clients my knowledge increases. Despite having close to 2 decades of experience, I frequently find myself questioning that knowledge. I regard this as a good thing.

Having ADHD myself, creating these courses and developing the coaching modules are more a labour of love than a commercial venture.

You see, it's one thing having the knowledge, but how do I impart it so that my clients get the full benefit? Each ADDer is different, each ADDer has different weaknesses and strengths, and lives in different environments.

By way of illustration, years ago Pat and I went to train 55 remedial teachers in the North West Province. By lunchtime on the first day I realised that some of my illustrations had absolutely no relevance to my audience.

F1VizSizedI have a wonderful video clip that shows clearly how visualising yourself driving around a Formula 1 track sitting on a chair, cut 2 seconds off the lap-time - around 150m in distance terms !
This was met with blank stares, and then the whispering started. Thankfully I was able to haul out another illustration while I sent them to an early tea break!

In producing my courses I write, photograph, and draw the content. The longest part of this process is the research. Then I record the voice-over while operating the slides on screen. That can sometimes takes 3 or 4 takes, before I have one I’m happy with.

The final stage is the editing. This is where I enhance the voice-over, choose the back-ground music, cut out any fluffs and pops, and put in all the effects and parts I want to emphasise.

I usually only have half-a-day to edit as there other things like writing articles, replying to queries and coaching. It takes about 2 weeks to complete 3 modules.