HouseKeysSizedWe have just moved house.

Hopefully for the last time. We have moved into a home for “senior citizens.”

We had to get rid a lot of stuff; the place we now call home is little bigger than a double garage. The size is perfect we have found.

Packing this time round was dictated by by what he had space for, and that was minute. We sold stuff, couches, chairs, tools, curtains, kitchenware, desks, paintings, and other stuff.

Yet still there was stuff.

We hired a trailer and 2 short trips moved most of our stuff. A few more car trips and we were done. And still there was stuff.

We have donated a lot of stuff to the “white elephant shop” run by some industrious residents. The proceeds go towards electricity and water bills for the complex - lights and water are included in the rent.

Finally the stuff pile is diminishing.

This post has relevance for ADDers everywhere. We tend to be hoarders, having lots of stuff. And so much of it is just that - stuff. As I understand more about getting rid of stuff I am collating those learnings into a module to add to the other 30-plus coaching modules.

Personal stuff must fall!