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Miscellaneous Information:

Dave Pughe-ParryDave Born in Pietermaritzburg, Dave is the eldest of 3 siblings. Dave was the ultimate ADHD rebel child, completing his schooling in Joburg in 1971 - much to the relief of his teachers. Two years in the army, one as an officer gave him some much needed structure.

Dave started work as a news photographer for local and international papers, then moved into advertising, multi-media large scale productions, and corporate training. Typically, his pre-ADHD business life was characterized by spectacular successes and failures.

Only diagnosed in his 40s with ADHD, he set about finding out how to manage his ADHD. He set up weekly Support groups and quickly realised that coaching new at the time - offered excellent results. He then formed Living ADDventure™ offering coaching services to adults with the condition.

Dave is highly imaginative and creative, loves technology and gadgets and new concepts and ideas. He loves to share his passion and does this via his talks on radio and live talks, workshops and courses throughout South Africa.

All of the coaching and training material used by LADD® has been developed by Dave over a number of years. He is much in demand as a Speaker and Coach.

ADHD Coaching - both face-to-face and on Skype - is done locally, throughout South Africa, Africa and throughout the world.