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My ADHD Coaching Journey

The UK is leaving the European Union, the Scots want to leave the UK, Donald Trump wants Mexicans and Muslims to leave the US and Living ADDventure® has left KwaZulu-Natal.

riverraftSizedIt's a long story, but in short, Pat's sister died just before Christmas and Pat took over her job as manager of Paddle Power - a river rafting company on the Crocodile River, just outside Hartebeespoort Dam in North West Province.

I had always said that I could live anywhere provided two things were in place - Pat, and reasonable ADSL to coach via Skype. That boast is now being put to the test here in Broederstroom.

Boy Question You just don't get it!

Dave was telling me about a Mom whose Grade 7 son was struggling with maths. “He just doesn’t get it” she had said. This is one of those common phrases used to describe ADHD children, teens and adults, male and female.

Learning the art of negotiation

HandshakeHow do you get what you want without being seen as selfish or manipulative? How do you avoid being a doormat and giving in just to keep the peace? I had not been able to be assertive without being aggressive.

Shyness and ADHD

Pat childThroughout my childhood I was labelled painfully shy.

In class I wouldn't ask questions or volunteer answers, oral exams were terrifying and going into a shop which wasn't self service was something I avoided as much as possible.

Managing Expectations

What do you expect of your spouse, your partner, your children, your family, your employer, your colleagues or your friends?

More importantly what do you expect of yourself?

These questions gave me plenty of food for thought when I did the Managing Expectations module of the pdfLiving ADDventure® ADHD Coaching Programme.

The Why Factor

Why Illustration"BECAUSE I SAID SO!"

Any parent who can honestly say that they have never used those words is either a liar or on the fast track to Sainthood.

Nature is cruel. The "why" phase starts when Moms and Dads are at their most vulnerable. This is inevitably when we are exhausted as our little darlings have not yet learned that 8 hours sleep a night is desirable; our precious possessions are being systematically destroyed as we lose the race to childproof our homes; Moms if they are fortunate enough to stay at home are grieving the loss of careers and freedom and Dads are wondering how the heck they are going to earn enough to feed an extra mouth on one salary instead of two.

For most Moms, staying home is not an option so there is the added burden of trying to be wife, mother, domestic worker and crust earner too.

The first couple of "Why" questions rapidly become a game for the toddler who revels in the reactions from Mom and Dad. Manipulation is one of the first achievements of many children.



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