If we want to be successful and achieve our goals we need to not only dream about being successful but we need to methodically execute the dreams that we have written down as our Goals for 2015.

The image below was shared on Facebook and I am not sure who to credit. I also apologise for the language in the image but the message is loud and clear.


It is easy to get distracted and de-motivated when we are faced with the boring tasks that need our attention. There is so much going on in our lives at the moment and we have many balls that we are juggling trying desperately not to drop any of them.

Yesterday was wonderful. I had 3 clients who came to me for a morning training session on how to use Google Apps and how to do mass mailing from their website that I manage. It was exciting and I loved preparing the training material and the subsequent interactive session.

Today was different. I have had to knuckle down and get stuck into mundane tasks. Cut and paste, cut and paste, cut and paste from an old website into a new one.  It is grunge work that must be done and there is no-one else I can hand it over to.

To keep myself from going nuts, I have blocked off one hour sessions to do these tasks and then reward myself with something more interesting - even hanging laundry is classed as more interesting, at least I get outdoors. I have to confess that filing has not made it onto this list. 

I am also doing a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) to improve my MOODLE skills. MOODLE is the platform that we, and thousands of other schools, universities and businesses use for online training courses. I am the sort of person who needs to be constantly challenged and inspired but I need to moderate this need with doing what has to be done.

The second part of the message in the image is equally important. To surround myself with people who are getting their stuff done. There is nothing more demotivating than being with negative and lazy folk who find life such an effort.

Much of my social interaction is online and I make sure to seek out fun people who are enthusiastic and positive. It is amazing what an upbeat Facebook or Twitter post can do for your sense of well-being. A bit of light banter between friends on Facebook gives me the oomph to get focused again.

One day at a time we are getting there.

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