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There are always people who know a lot about the condition of ADHD, but they aren't always accessible. We are gathering some Guru's that we know and respect, and have asked them to provide an article periodically.

Guru’s are experts, people who are at - or close to - the top of their professions.

Not all experts are good at explaining things to ordinary people like you and me. That’s something else we look for when inviting our Guru’s - the ability to explain things in clear and understandable language.

We have asked medical Guru’s in paediatrics, psychiatry, neurology, general medical practice, (GP’s) and psychologists. These professions are the only one’s allowed to diagnose ADHD.

Out of those 5, only a psychologist may not prescribe medication.

But there are other professions that play significant roles in ADHD treatment.

Occupational Therapists are important, and often work in remedial schools, providing excellent support to the teachers as well.

Teachers are another important role player in ADHD, second only to parents in the hierarchy of life. In my humble opinion, teachers are the most important profession on the planet - they teach our future!

Play therapists also provide much needed service to the ADHD community, as do organizing specialists, and others.

If you would like to write for Living ADDventure®, we would love to hear from you. Please e-mail Dave at dave@livingaddventure.com. Thank you.